How to Convert PDF to Excel on Mac

Once an Excel spreadsheet is saved as PDF, it’s not easy to organize the data or edit the PDF. If you copy the table and paste it back to Excel, the original formatting will be messed up. It’s difficult to reuse the content.

With + PDF to Excel, you can easily extract the table content from PDF to Excel Spreadsheet within just a few steps.

1. Download + PDF to Excel

Download the + PDF to Excel from the Mac App Store, launch it and you’ll see the following interface.

Very simple interface, four buttons on the toolbar and a file list.

PDF to Excel interface

2. Add files

Click ‘Add file’ button, choose the PDF file from your finder. You can add multiple files at one time.

Steps to convert PDF to Excel

3. Configure the output setting

For different table types, you can select different output options for better output accuracy after converting PDF to Excel.

Configure PDF to Excel output setting

4. Start Conversion

When everything is set up, click the ‘Convert’ button. It will ask you to select a folder to store the converted Excel files.

After selecting the output file, the conversion will begin instantly.

Converting PDF to Excel

5. View the converted Excel file

Click on the quick link in ‘Output Document’ column, or simply go to the output folder you just selected to view the converted Excel file.

It will try to keep the original formatting, data and cells as accurate as possible, so you can easily perform calculations, sort data or modify the data much easier in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

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